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One System


 As above…

In all of us and all living things, there is a vital force or Life Force our ancestors called ‘chi’ or ‘prana’.   In the late 19Th century, a French scientist named Bechamps spoke of a similar vital force he called ‘mycrozyma’.  

“Life is not put out here and simply proceeds. We are coming into being in the moment thru this basic element – microzyma. It is primarily transmuted from the fine vibrations of the cosmic Life Force into denser forms or patterns of life like micro-organisms and cells that make up all living things. It is imperishable. It is the interface of matter and energy. Due to the colloidal nature of this element, they are high levels of energy receptive to frequencies of light and radiation acting as informational signals.” - Antoine Bechamps


So below..

Micro-organisms are inherent to humans and every organized medium in the planet, all of which contain, are composed of, and have developed from mycrozymas. Humans are made of trillions of microorganisms that form cells, that in turn form tissues and organs in the body. Therefore, the microzyma, prana or chi – the Life Force - is inherent in each of those cells. 

During formation of the microzyma into denser forms like bacteria or fungi, the microzyma may be stimulated by cosmic energy (also called photonic energy by others) which comes directly into our being, providing energy and information that translates into cellular anatomy that respond to the PH of the surrounding medium or terrain, reforming when appropriate. A change in PH alters vibration or resonant frequencies changing the microzymas quality of reception, transmittal or transduction of the Life Force and cosmic rays. Thus, all living cells communicate thru vibration or frequencies resonating with its terrain. 

Micro-organisms are at the foundation of all life and life processes on Earth.

"There is an independently living micro anatomical element in the cells and fluids of all organisms. This element precedes life in the cellular level, even at the genetic level and is the foundation of all biological organization. The “micro-zyme” is the smallest ferment.” - Antione Bechamps

Micro-organisms are decomposers that are critical to nutrient recycling in the ecosystem. They break organic things down into their smallest size and are the world’s greatest recyclers. 

Imagine if nothing on earth decomposed and all trash would just pile up into mountains of waste, our planet would be one big heap of garbage.

Imagine humans just keep eating without the food inside their bodies breaking down, they would explode!



 As within, so without

 Micro-organisms keep nature in balance, we can’t live without them. 

Micro-organisms keep nature in balance thru fermentation.

Fungal forms, for example, are indispensable parts of the roots of most plants including the largest trees for the roots to take in nutrients. Air is filled with microscopic organisms capable of fermenting any suitable medium on which they happen to land. Chemical change is carried out by a soluble produced by the organisms. This ferment is analogous to the digestive juices in the stomach. Thus, fermentation is a digestive process. All decomposition, even rusting of steel is mediated by ferments, an example of which is, bacteria decompose rock into soil.   

The microzyma is in the beginning and end of all organization. It is an organized insoluble ferment – a living element. Controlled fermentation is a vital physiological process. For example, it is utilized as a means of breaking down toxins in intercellular fluid and lymphatic pathways. Since there are mycrozymas in every cell of the blood and intercellular milieu, many substances, mostly enzymes are produced by them. Indispensable bacterial growth populates the human GI tract, where the bacterial population act harmoniously in a state of health and our life is in every meaning a regular ferment. 

Upon injury, bacteria develop internally without any outside influence. The broken cells will auto-ferment. The process of cellular breakdown is mediated by microzymas fermentation – even in healthy body. Though there is renewal happening as well, breakdown and aging eventually takes over increasing in intensity upon death. When oxidative metabolism ceases and a body dies, negative surface charges are lost and the terrain goes acid.  

Disease is born in us and of us

The body is engendered primarily by a faulty internal environment as “mycrozymas” vary its fermentation effect in conformity with the surrounding medium or terrain - evidence that the biological terrain is the determinant. Thus, the germs of the air or those of sick bodies will not produce illness in a healthy body. 

In a laboratory tests in the 1950s, Dr. Josef Berez, a Hungarian researcher, proved that the lack of micro- nutrients in the body’s terrain triggered cancer and other diseases in plants and animals. He identified the physiological importance of minerals and trace elements in the soil. 

Beres began his experiment by isolating the virus that was destroying plants. He used an infected potato as his test subject.  Beres cut the infected potato seed in half and put one piece in fertile soil rich in humus , while the other in infertile soil that had been exposed to prolonged use of chemical fertilizers.  

The potato planted in good soil overcame the disease. The other potato planted in poor soil stayed deformed and sick. 

Beres’ experiment proved Bechamp’s theory of the terrain that sickness comes from within, not from outside viruses. We, therefore, need to strengthen our bodies from inside with nutrient-dense food from good soil.