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Robby's Feel Well Journey

Robby's Testimony


Here’s Robby’s testimony :

I’ve had sciatica ( bulging disc which pinches the sciatic nerve) for 6 years now. It affected my mobility. Made my right leg so stiff, that it hurts to move 24/7. It affected my work. Being a mural artist, mobility is a major key. I’ve done all kinds of treatment from A-Z. Some worked a little bit, some didn’t. It came to a point i just gave up, “bahala na!”.  To conceal the pain I succumed to stress eating. Eating became my security blanket. Because of this, I've reached my heaviest, 240lbs.

There were days i just didn’t want to get out of bed, because getting out of bed would mean i’d feel the pain all over again. I was in a bad space. Didn’t help that everyday I'd be bombarded with comments from people about my weight, and the way I walked. “ oh you still can’t walk, matagal na yan ha?” As if recovery is an overnight thing. My weight and my sciatica wore me, when it should have been the other way around. It started becoming my identity. The worst was receiving negative comments from your family as they made fun of me, when they should have served as your comfort zone. It’s like rubbing salt to a wound. 

When this lockdown happened, it became an opportunity for me to stay inside my own cocoon to serve as a shield from the outside world. Time to rebuild myself starting with my mind, soul, body ...basically my being.

For your body to heal, everything starts from the gut. Your gut is like a machine that absorbs most of the stress your body gives it. If it’s overworked, then your organs will have to deal with the backlog work it has to do before it starts doing what it's meant to do. The day FEEL WELL opened their doors and said they were ready to deliver, I jumped on it right away since that I didn’t have access to a grocery, restaurant bought food and fast food, clean synbiotic food was my only choice. Thank goodness it was! On days I needed my protein, they had bambu chicken eggs for me... days I had to satisfy my sweet cravings, I had my synbiotic yacon yogurt with granola and my dragon fruit and mango yogurt drink! On days I just wanted to snack on something, they had their whey better nuts (which tried and tested, it didn’t trigger my gout). In other words, I didn't go hungry; it was guilt free and the best part, it was fixing my gut. With all of this happening to my gut, I noticed my body is able to function better as it cleans my system. While your body cleans itself, losing weight was just a bonus. It was happening simultaneously.... Before I knew it, I was feeling well, my mind was clearer, I had more energy and because I'm lighter, I move better. Things started to work for me. I can’t explain how much joy i am feeling now! Like what i said, weight loss was just an aftermath, it’s my mind, my body, my soul that started feeling alive again.... and the joy that comes with it, is overwhelming! 


When Feel Well says, “it’s GUT to be healthy!”, believe them. 
I should know. It’s worked on me.