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What is a stem cell biology?

When you look into the mirror in the mornings and look at yourself, it is an illusion to think that you are one entity.

The human body is made of 50 trillion cells out of which millions die every minute, every day. So, if we lose billions of cells weekly, how many weeks can we go on before we fall critically ill. But we don’t because we are renewing ourselves every day, every week, every month. In the 50 trillion cells in our body there is a population of special cells called stem cells which is another word for embryonic cells after birth. These cells become any type of cells in the body - skin cells, heart cells, etc.

In the 60s, Dr Bruce Lipton pioneered cloning of stem cells and tissue culture in Virginia. Stem cells in a petri dish divides every 10 hours – 1,2,4,8 to 30,000 in one week. These thirty thousand cells are all genetically identical. In an experiment, Dr. Lipton placed one stem cell into a dish with a culture medium to replace human blood. After one week he split the thirty thousand bio identical cells and divided it into 3 different petri dishes.

Three different culture mediums with 3 different chemistries were prepared which he placed in 3 different petri dishes. The cells in the first dish grew to be muscle cells; the cells in the second dish grew to be bone cells and the cells in the third dish grew to be fat cells. Thus, genetically identical cells in different environments had different fates.


What controlled the different outcome?

The experiment proved that the chemistry of the culture medium - the blood in the human body or a petri dish - controls the genetics.

In other words, the fate of the cells was not based on the genes as we are told, but was based on the environment.

The blood is the environment of the cells in the human body.


If the chemistry of the blood controls the cells, what controls the chemistry?

The brain is the chemist that puts the chemistry into the blood. The picture that one holds in the mind controls the genetics and the behavior of the person.

 Whatever picture the brain has in the mind, the brain translates into complementary chemistry. So, love in the mind releases beautiful chemicals of love – dopamine for pleasure, oxytocin for bonding and growth hormones making the person glow, healthy, happy and loving. On the other hand, if the person is in fear, stress hormones and things that affect the immune system are released causing dis-ease.

The new science of Epigenetics is a science of how our environment controls the genes and our thoughts shape our biology.

The cells in our body are not connected to our outer environment. But they have to adjust themselves to the outer environment.

So how do they know what to do? Something has to tell them. The nervous system interferes with the environment and sends signals to the cells to tell them what’s going on. So, the cells respond to the perceptions and actions of the central nervous system.

Change your consciousness - Change your life

Quantum physics is the most valid science in this planet. Its first principle is: Consciousness is Creating our Life Experiences.

When we broadcast our thoughts to the Energy Field, as a result, our thoughts interact with the energy of the environment.

“The Field – the Energy- is the sole governing force of matter”.


Energy shapes matter. Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration generates no heat to activate its target unlike drugs which creates heat- 98% of which is turned to wasted energy to create a signal. If you want to change the world, you change it with vibration. Vibration is Consciousness. The cells are always responding to the chemistry, but the chemistry is always responding to the Consciousness.

“As you change your consciousness, you change your chemistry.” The best example is the’ placebo effect’; the positive belief of the patient on the sugar pill is what makes the person get better. A nocebo effect occurs when negative expectation of a patient makes him feel worse or can even cause him to die. A negative belief is equally powerful as a positive belief in controlling one’s biology. We are not victims of our genetics. Our Consciousness creates our genetic activity.

What energy we send with our thoughts into this world is what it will vibrate and resonate with. When we send out thoughts of love and harmony, we generate a community that vibrates with us.

The immune system recognizes ‘self’

A person’s cells cannot be given to another as the immune system of the other says ‘not self’ and rejects the cells altogether. With exception of blood cells, our cells have a set of protein like tv antennae self-receptors. No two individuals have the same set of self-receptors so the cells of one individual cannot be used by another individual. The signals to the self- receptors come from the environment.

Our identity come through these cell receptors. Our identity is the signal that is in the environment. Our bodies are like TV sets playing our individual stories in a broadcast. When the TV is broken, the broadcast continues to play. We are the broadcast… so we really never die. The body may die but the broadcast remains in the Field of Frequency, vibration or Energy, coming and going in the Spirit. This is how reincarnation works, different body suits, same broadcast.

Why have a body and not just remain Spirit?

The body provides sensation – taste, smell, sound, touch, light. The nervous system is the translator.

For example, it takes the vision in the eye and translates it into a picture. Love is the translation of a chemistry. One who has a physical experience of love finds the physical experience sensational.

The body is an amplifier of experiences for us. Coming to Earth is a gift! The feeling of love is an amazing gift!

We came for the pleasure, to have wonderful experiences come through our body.

Our thoughts are not contained in our head, they are broadcasted into the Field, and they actually go back to Source.

If we lived a life of discordance in one life time, it alters the harmony with Source; but if we come back and have a great life it can bring back harmony with Source. Karma that upsets the balance of harmony with Source can be fixed the minute we realize that we need to send back the signal of harmony again.

When we are living in harmony, we are returning that signal back to Source.

There are Two Minds

There are 2 minds - the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind lies in the front of the brain and it is slow. It has to do with the identity of the individual. He creates and desires with it.

The sub-conscious mind – below conscious - lies at the back of the brain. It is the habitual mind and holds all the programs – good or bad. It works very fast as it is responsible for our breathing, digestion, walking, running, swimming, driving and anything repetitive.

The brain is like a computer- the best computer known. The computer is a hardware which needs a software or a program.


A computer will not function without a program. In like manner, a child can’t use his brain until the programs are put in. A child can’t create from nothing. First, he needs a program installed, then only can he create. In the first seven years of a child’s life, he is operating on a lower vibration level called the theta – a deeply relaxed state of mind. Theta is hypnosis. Theta is imagination – like children having a tea party. At the theta state, you can put a program into the sub-conscious. At this state everything goes into the sub-conscious, nothing into the conscious mind. For the first 7 years of life, children are being programmed by their families, communities, and nature.

The conscious mind kicks in only after the programs have been installed enabling the child after 7 to start creating.

Programs implanted in the child’s brain are both positive and negative depending on the family and community bringing up the child.

Why is this relevant? The sub-conscious, the programmed mind is what is running our lives 95% of the day as we go about our habitual thinking. Only 5 per cent is used by the conscious mind to create its wishes and desires.

When one is thinking, consciousness is not looking out there, rather it is looking in as thoughts are found on the inside and at the back of the brain, in the sub-subconscious.

So what happens when we are driving and the conscious mind is thinking?

The conscious mind is not looking out there while thinking and driving as its focus is inwards. When the conscious mind is occupied, the sub-conscious mind kicks in and takes over the driving as it is something habitual.

We create our lives knowingly or unknowingly

Because we are thinking 95% of the time, we fail to see and observe our behavior, especially negative behavior.

There are instances where children get angry when they are told that they are like their father or mother.

Our institutions make mostly everyone believe that we are victims of our own heredity or lives. We can’t recover our lives if we are working under other people’s programs such as programs we absorbed as children in our sub-conscious.

As long as we don’t know that what is put in the sub-conscience is a program, we will defend this program, put it in place and live the program.

If we take responsibility for the lives we create or live – good or bad – then we can change it. However, if we insist that we are victims of a person, family or community, then we don’t have the freedom to live our lives. If we see that what we are doing is self-destructive, then we are the only ones who can fix it. Our behavior is so bad as humans that we are destroying even our own environment due to the programs installed in us.

The function of our mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and our reality. If our biology of belief is for example,

“I do not deserve it”, because of programming, then our behavior will sabotage everything at the end of the day. “ I don’t deserve it because I don’t have it.” The brain will hack the program and turn it into reality. If we tell 50 trillion cells daily that they ‘don’t deserve it’, it breaks down the harmony of the cell community.

If we have a positive program, then we will have a great life… if we have a negative program, we will have a miserable life.

Harmony brings health; Disharmony brings dis-ease.

We are not Programs, We are Creators

Older cultures would go through a cleansing ceremony of their consciousness even before they conceived their child because they understood the importance of not carrying their programs into the next generation.

Our thoughts are shaping our life experiences on the outside. It’s ancient spiritual understanding that our spiritual component is the driver of our life. Ignore it and we would have missed living as our lives will only be running on programs in the sub-conscious.

The things that we like that come into our lives is because we have programs In our sub-conscious to accommodate them. The things that we like and desire that don’t come easily into our lives is because we don’t have the programs to support it.

The reason we are not creating the future is because only 5% of our life is devoted to consciousness which is our wishes and desires; and, the rest of 95% of our life is coming from our programs.

We were not even there consciously when these programs were put into us from ages 0-7.  So, we don’t even know what programs run 95% of our lives.

Science has recognized that when we fall in love we stop thinking. We are present and mindful. We do not default to the programs in our sub-conscious. Love is the pill that stops us from playing the programs. The program takes us away from living life fully. We usually get to our honeymoon by not thinking so much… but once we start thinking of our jobs, our chores, etc, then we fall back into playing our programs, most of which are negative programs. The thinking takes over the system and then the old behavior kicks in and our partner is surprised because all this time we only saw the best of each other.

If we and our partner understand that this negative behavior is coming from a program, then it’s easy to discuss it and allow our partner to tell us about our negative behavior because we are not aware of it. Once aware we can change it.

How do we change negative programs in our sub-conscious after the age of 7?

We can change our negative programs through repetition and frequency. We may practice like crazy until our desires becomes a program. All programs need to be in the present tense - I AM  not, I WANT TO; I WILL.

If we have negative beliefs, we create a negative life experience. The function of the mind is to create coherence between our programs and our reality. Our lives should match our beliefs. The function of the mind is also to manifest our desires - to align our desires with our reality. Once we realize this, we can get our power back and create a new life of freedom and joy, manifesting our wishes and desires.

We are a piece of God. Each of us is a vibration out of the Universe and Creators. If we are creators, why are we in a world of chaos where our culture and community are in disharmony with Nature. We are now in a process of mass extinction. Our behavior undermines the web of life - an extinction of culture as we know it. We are stressing the environment. Our thoughts are in disharmony with nature and life. Recognizing we are doing this with consciousness gives us the opportunity to change our consciousness and bring it back in harmony to the Source once again. Change vibration and bring back life all over again.

We are in a state of chaos – moving out of a civilization and building a new one - an evolution of participants. To make evolution happen, we have to have another consciousness to thrive into the future that deals with love, harmony and community.