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We Start Right

Our commitment goes beyond our products, it begins in the Soil.

Top Soil is vital to our Earth. Trillions of bacteria and fungi in the soil using bio-photonic energy from the sun form a granular crumbly structure called humus in the top soil which is our life source. It is the perfect soil structure that allows earthworms to pass and eat the organic matter that has been broken down by the microorganisms. Humus holds water 10 x its weight and carbon dioxide (CO2). It holds micronutrients and alkaloids in the soil allowing growing plants to draw from it only the food it needs when it needs it. Nutrient-dense plants pass on these micronutrients and alkaloids to animals and humans to feed their gut flora. In turn, these microorganism metabolize these nutrient-dense food into essential nutrients the animals and humans need to thrive.


We put tons of bio-photonic energy into our humus-rich soil system through fermented juices packed with micro-organisms that create micro-nutrients, bursting into an explosion of bacteria out of demand for all the micro-nutrients, causing an electrical energy to flow, bringing a convergence of bio-photonic energy between the sun, the soil and the plants in between. Bio-photonic energy placed in the body in form of food brings electrical energy into the mitochondria increasing the potential for healing the body.

When soil is dead, it has no microorganisms and no bio-photonic energy. It is devoid of nutrients. Weeds and pests in your plants mean that the rate of repair in your plant system has greatly decreased because the bio-photonic energy in the soil is depleted. Plants from dead soil or soil filled with chemicals and pesticides give zero nutrients to the body, making the immune system very weak, causing disease. Soil without moisture does not attract carbon dioxide (CO2) to accumulate in its top soil causing the greenhouse gas phenomenon wherein the cycle of bio-phonic energy transfer between the soil, the sun, and the plants is disrupted. This can bring about destructive changes in the Earth's biome, bringing about climate change while weakening our own microbiome due to the lack of nutrients in the soil and consequently, our food.

We start right with regenerative farming.

Through natural farming practices, today called regenerative farming, we are able to increase microbial diversity and population in our soil, boosting soil minerals, tackling soil compaction without tilling the soil, reducing salt level, raising soil fertility and more including the making of natural pesticides. Our soil is vibrant with essential nutrients and bio-photonic energy that the plants that grow in them are so strong and healthy, they are resistant to problems.

What’s more, our water buffaloes are grass-fed and thrive on a diet enhanced with fermented legumes. Our pastured chickens that feast on worms and insects are fed only with bamboo leaves and nutrient-dense ferments of vegetables, roots, fish, mixed with rice bran, laying excellent synbiotic eggs. Our fruits and yacon roots are grown and sprayed with ferments to provide us with the best chemical fertilizer-free produce.

And that is just the start.


With all these premium quality ingredients that are loaded with medicinal nutrients, bio-photonic energy, and tons of beneficial micro-organisms, the next step is focusing on functional food that’s made for you with gentle hands using the simplest processes.

An example of the simple processes we use is the process we use to make our SYNBIOTIC YOGURTS. The process is called Lactic Acid Fermentation and has been used since 5000 BC. We heat treat our milk at just the right temperature so as not to kill the enzymes, then cool it before fermentation to keep the good bacteria alive, then we blend in the prebiotic. Our synbiotic yogurts are then kept chilled in 2-4 degrees Celsius to maintain its quality until you are ready to enjoy it with all the nutritional benefits of well-fermented food bio-available for your gut microbiota.