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What is Feel Well Synbiotic Greek Yogurt's unique value proposition?  

Feel Well Synbiotic Yogurt is different because it actually has live active cultures.

Probiotic with Prebiotics. It is all natural, no refined sugar and no added sugar, no stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners or other chemicals. It actually, really has live active cultures, the probiotics you are paying for. All yogurts contain yogurt starters. But not all commercially sold yogurt has live active cultures by the time it gets to your ref and stomach. The criterion established by the U.S. National Yogurt Association is that there be live cultures DURING manufacture. So manufacturers may put "With live active cultures!" on their labels as long as there were live cultures while the yogurt was in the factory production line. However, many yogurts no longer contain the cutoff level of live culture after weeks on the supermarket shelves. It matters because an effective probiotic must survive the arduous trek through the digestive system so it can build balanced bacterial communities. Feel Well delivers an honest high quality product.

Quality is assured when source, growing, storage, and handling are thoughtfully managed. Quality of raw materials comes from strict criteria, high standards for sourcing, and carefully vetted suppliers. Feel Well's sustainable raw materials are the products of natural farming where soil, plants, and livestock are spared harsh treatment from chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and commercial feeds.

Quality of finished product comes from use of the best, natural, handpicked ingredients, and careful small batch processing. Minimal processing in small batches ensures minimum loss of micronutrients in the food being processed.



The milk comes from grass-fed buffalo, creamier and richer than cow's milk. It is essentially free of chemicals and hormones, having been raised according to natural methods. Buffalo milk has Casein A2 protein which is easier to digest than Casein A1 prevalent in most cow's milk. Casein A1 from cow’s milk produces the peptide BCM-7, which doctors link to lactose intolerance and allergies.  Buffalo milk is 40% richer in protein, 58% richer in calcium, and richer in minerals than cow's milk. Yet it has 43% less cholesterol than cow's milk.
The mangoes we use are the carabao variety, the Philippines' sweetest mango (Mangifera carabao). They are grown in Abra and Zambales, harvested in season just before ripening. They are transported to fruit processors Solfruit, Inc. in the Clark Freeport Zone where they sit to ripen and mature to peak quality stage before they are washed, peeled, pureed, and frozen. 

The yacon is grown in the southern uplands of Nueva Vizcaya, 1500 m above sea level. It is a pest-resistant plant, organically grown.

We use organic natural bamboo-roasted sea salt from Zambales. This is different from ordinary sea salt or kitchen salt. Philippine bamboo-roasted sea salt is made from saltwater sourced from a protected salt marshland in Sta. Cruz, Zambales, near the China Sea. The saltwater is evaporated by boiling for ten hours, in high temperature, in a clay pot over a rice hull-fuelled fire, together with strips of bamboo. The saline water is therefore infused with bamboo’s rich mineral content. After evaporation, the resulting salt contains trace elements from bamboo. It is transferred to smaller pots where the salt crystals are roasted. The highly alkaline salt with PH 9.5, is excellent in taste and believed to have many health benefits.

The best way of preserving as much as possible the original nutrients of food is by minimizing the time it takes from source to consumption, as well as the processes required to maintain or enhance food’s functional properties. This is the allure of “live food”, salads, and local sourcing. Feel Well uses the most streamlined, lean process in its production protocol.

Yogurt products are packed in recyclable glass jars.

Granola and Fiber Bites are packed in biodegradable paper-based pouches.

> Because you are what you eat, we aim for nothing less than the best for you, and a richer, gentler earth for our children. <




The country's first, best locally produced and marketed synbiotic yogurt with all-natural ingredients.