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Healing happens with the creation of new cells that work


"Life Force is the animating principle of all dimensions of Creation. Life force exchange is the main criterion of integration in nature. All types of natural systems in the Earth have an inherent intelligent life force within them and this includes chemicals, fossil fuels, and electromagnetism which are all part of the Earth's energy system. Energy systems overall play a major role in the support of all life forms on the planet. Human beings, animals and plants, as well as seemingly inanimate matter are like drops in the ocean of this life force, which supports the natural evolution of the Earth."

Dr. Karim Ibrahim, architect and scientist, Founder of BioGeometry

From a Zero Point of pure potential emerges everything we need to create duality. Duality is what makes things real for us. Life force is the potential for duality. Our awareness is based on the duality of opposite, because we perceive the wholeness of something in its entirely by seeing how its opposite attributes complement to be a whole. Yin & Yang. Hot & Cold. Arid & Lush. Hot cannot be fully appreciated without knowing Cold.

The 3 components of life force are Time, Consciousness, and Motion. We can look for everything we want in the composition of this life force. The law of Time produces a pulse, a rhythmic beat. We interact with life force as a pulse. The original pulse is governed at the center of a higher dimension (Zero Point) that governs duality. Pulse contains a center and the pulse. Because each pulse needs to be controlled, each pulse has an outward movement and an inward movement. The control arises from resistance of an opposite force, similar to friction, where the resistance of an opposite force causes traction. Inside each pulse is the energetic flow of going both ways, in and out. Energy moves in a spiral pattern. There is therefore a continuous energetic spiral flow from the Center, outwards and inwards, the outgoing spiral and ingoing spiral, both interacting with each other between each cycle in perfect balance.

The outgoing movement is archetypal for left brain perception which is analytical, logical, and linear. The forces radiating outward are male energy. The outward spiral is the archetype of all mental and radiation processes - analytical expansion as it has consciousness and mind in it. Consciousness in an outward flow gives you all the mental and analytical type energy interacting with diversity of outward movement. The inward pulling movement is the archetype of all attraction forces, right brain. This is associated with intuitive, artistic, symbolic, non- linear thinking. The inward movement is emotional energy, female. It is part of the force of attraction. The origins of female energy are attracting forces such as gravity and love going toward the wholistic aspect of the inner light at the center. It is consciousness related to a holistic perception.

Bringing this thought to the human brain through civilizations, the primitive cave men were right brain-centered. They were moving with their unconscious mind because the left brain had not found a lot of outward experiences yet to develop. An animal lives in the right brain. It is not conscious of the totality of creation because he feels he is part of that unity. The animal has no perspective. Creation and divinity have a feminine quality. When birds fly there is coordination between their inherent intelligence and that of the Earth. As humanity progressed, transitioning from Primitive to Ancient, man built more tools to build more things and began to shift focus to the left brain. As the transitioning had not yet been completed, he was working with both left and right brain, but with focus still on the right brain. When focus is still in the right brain, it sees all the aspects of sensory perception as components of the divine unity, representing the rules of nature. So when humanity started developing, they developed sound, music, numbers, shapes, colors. All the development of the five senses were not tools for the left brain, rather they were tools to navigate the energetic qualities of the right brain. Numbers had their qualitative existence in the right brain. Their quantitative aspect came later in the left brain. These tools later were applied in the world quantitatively. In the beginning were the inner applications which later on were used for outer applications.

The concept of Divinity was seen as an interaction of both sides of the brain. Divine was dual like in ancient Egypt. A time of balance between male and female meant ultimate harmony and equality between both. Here the inner spiritual order was being applied in the outer left brain daily life, applying universal order in the community. Ultimate balance and equality was based on wisdom and knowledge. Because of this delicate balance, ancient Egyptian civilization reached its height. Focus was on the intellect of the heart where all balancing values come out bringing perfect balance. In order to perceive things, the left brain must personify things. Using aspects of culture and data base to personify the perception of energy in another dimension, the forces of nature were personified in the left brain so they could actually see entities walking around the community and interacting with them. They were given attributes of human and animal.

Then with Modern Man came the total shift when the left brain became proficient in everyday activities. That pulled the focus of perception to the left brain. The intellect of the left brain cannot perceive unity in diversity, only the quantitative and analytical aspects of diversity. It cannot comprehend unity so it closes the door on the unity of the right brain. So modern man cannot perceive the intellect of the heart because we are living in the perception of linear time and space. The perception of motion in the pulse is linear because the inner motion toward the center is not seen. Even if the motion of the pulse were bi-directional, the perception is only of one direction. Beginning to end, cause and effect, and life is perceived as a movement forward in space and time.

Right brain perception is not trapped in linear time. It perceives the pulses of time as blurring the distinction between Then and Now. It sees future and past as an eternal present. Right brain perception has a holistic perception of nature.

Everything is a holistic universe where we can actually move within, backward and forward in time, in a personal individual way or as part of the collective. It is a type of perception that cannot be translated to left brain linear perception - totally different in time and space. That is the space governing 98 percent of the world. It is the invisible world. Sensory perception only interacts with about 2 percent of knowledge. How can you bring balance and order into a system if you only have 2 percent of the information. The 98 percent are a basic component of our reality. They work to produce our biological functions. Our biological functions are run by absolute reality - not perceived reality. If we had access to them, we would mess them up. Our whole biological being is the result of the 98 percent hidden reality running our biological apparatus pushing life force from our blood to our brain so that sensory reality starts functioning. The hidden reality is the interaction of life force and microorganisms, the inherent intelligent vital force in all life forms.



The phrase as above; so below; as within, so without” describes the idea of life force and fractals. What happens in a higher realm or plane of existence also happens in a lower realm.  What happens internally manifests externally —pointing to the fact that the whole Universe is interconnected. 

Bio-photonic or light energy bombards our topsoil daily,  activating microbial organisms that flourish to increase soil productivity and crop yields. The burst of activity among microorganisms (like the bacteria that feed the soil with micronutrients), is an activity within and outside cells causing electrical energy to flow, bringing a convergence of bio-photonic energy from the sun to the soil, and among the plants in between. In a way, bacteria and fungi in the soil may be seen as communication networks. Small carbon molecules in the soil that are oxygen and hydrogen,  exchange electrical information in the soil system which coordinates the life around it through a crumbly structure called humus in the top soil. This humus teems with life force. Humus holds carbon dioxide (CO2) and water ten times its weight. It holds micronutrients and alkaloids in the soil, allowing growing plants to draw from it only the food it needs, when it needs it. Nutrient-dense plants pass off these micronutrients to animals and humans to feed their gut. In turn, the microorganisms in the gut metabolize this nutrient-dense food into essential nutrients that animals and humans need to thrive.

The incredible biodiversity created in the soil of the earth or the "soil" of the gut microbiome, allows humans, animals and plants on a cellular level, to repair themselves spontaneously with the food they eat, the water they drink, and the air they breathe within their biome. 

The mitochondrias role in humans is to produce energy at the genetic and bioelectrical levels, allowing a cell to communicate through light energy to the next cell. Bio-photonic energy packed with life force, entering the system in the form of food,  brings into the mitochondria increasing potential for healing the bodys electrical energy. The cells and bacteria are inextricably reliant on one another. Seventy trillion cells in the human body packed with life force are organizing all these organ systems into one function — to be alive, with vigor, at this moment.


How did we produce this intelligence of life?  The virus. 

The virus is a nonliving parasite of living metabolic systems,  directed by life force. On their own, viruses cannot replicate, but in a host cell, viruses can.  Like seeds, they are not exactly alive, but have potential.  Viruses are pockets of information bearing a genetic library of life written over billions of years. They are an extraordinary traffic of information between and among bacteria, fungi, multicellular creatures, plants and the soil – all communicating the potential of life and viral updates that allow cooperation with the bacteria inside our cells. Scientists now see viruses as playing a vital role in evolution.



The biome has lost 80 percent of its diversity through antibiotics fed to the earth, plants ,animals, and humans – all unable to optimally sustain life. We think that life is a competition for space, that  we need to push back all viruses, bacteria, fungi etc., to clear out the forest so we can be a healthy human in our own clear space in this vast competition of life, only to find out that the bacteria, fungi and protozoa that we think live sidelined on the surface of our gut, are actually directly communicating with our big shot  brain and nerves.  Brain, nerves, the immune system, are getting specific instructions from the bacteria in the gut. The information that is given to make that brain vibrant, the source of creative potential, of new experiences, is largely being dictated by these microorganisms. In killing these microorganisms in the gut with the use of antibiotics, we lose our gut microbiome diversity and with it, our curiosity and creativity. We, 7 billion of us, are now patterns of repetitive behavior.



The use of antibiotics undermines the entire metabolic capacity of our gut-brain axis, pushing us to the loss of self-identity, developing a deep depression to our disconnect from Self.  Self is not a single species. Self is our description of our relationship to nature—the nature outside and within us.  When we take antibiotics, the first thing they damage are the tight junctions in the gut. These tight junctions look like Velcro. They hold billions of cells called epithelial cells, together to create the boundary between the bacteria in the gut microbiome and our immune system. That boundary is literally our sense of Self identity. So when we take a course of antibiotics, we lose the extracellular self-identity in our immune system. When our sense of identity disappears at the extracellular level, we start undermining the gut barrier.

When there is a collapse of biodiversity balance in the soil, weeds appear to correct the imbalance.  This is life force quickly rebalancing the earth. We think that weeds are the problem, not realizing that the weeds are there because we clear cut the ecosystem. We eliminated biodiversity. Similarly, the reason a bacteria becomes weed-like in the body and starts to overgrow, is because it is trying to restart life—because the whole metabolic function of the soil” within the gut microbiome is damaged to a point that a few species with life force need to move back in to rebuild that relationship between human and bacteria. We actually need sickness at those times.  We need fever to critically reset the immune system and rev up its response indication to bacteria and the rest. When we are exposed to toxins, we also collapse biodiversity in our gut microbiome.  In this case, bacteria needs more support from biodiversity instead of our trying to kill all the bacteria.  In the lungs for example, we can inhale biodiversity information thru an inhaler or breathe clean air in nature. Biodiversity is the Self. When it is present, It no longer makes the weed necessary. Regenerative farms are showing this. Farmers are moving into farms where weeds have taken over because of continued use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics create massive problems,  escalating the war on biodiversity – whether in soil or humans. It is analogous to having drug-resistant bacteria in the ICU. Farmers have learned this—by stopping to kill weeds , by planting 15-30 species of cover crops, by stopping plowing to allow soil to recover its own metabolizing and life force energy system.   In one season, the weeds are gone.



Because our mindset has grown apart from and against human nature, we experience scarcity and defensiveness. To protect our bodies, mind and spirit from this existential fear that we are isolated, alone and separate from nature, we box ourselves in more and more in fear of nature, forgetting our connection to nature. The more we forget that we are a creative force of nature, the more we start to back into our little corner in fear of everything around us. As a consequence the ego gets stronger and competition is the behavior of ego till we reach breaking point. Far from the intuitive capacity for achieving health and fitness, we take pharmaceuticals  to treat symptoms – pushing farther and farther away from the possibility of healing.

Similarly, as Dr. Zach Bush realized, the cancer is not there because of the lack of chemotherapy. It is there because the cell is devoid of life force. A cancer cell is the most isolated cell in the body and in its isolation loses its metabolic potential because it is no longer cooperative". To understand cancer, we have to realize its a failure of energetics in the cell. It is the failure of the amount of energy needed to communicate across systems . We lose our identity as the energy falters within the system. They no longer are able to repair at the same rate of injury. Consequently, we start to accumulate chronic disease.

Cancer cells think it is the last thing living and the only thing it can do is to reproduce because it cant repair. So all it can do is spit and that becomes the tumor of the cancer and gets its energy out of its environment because it can no longer produce its own energy and thats what humans are in the planet right now.” — Dr. Zach Bush

We can no longer repair ourselves because we have killed life force in and around us, being so disconnected from our energy sources- our diversity , our top soil, our plants, our gut microbiome. We are the extracting force-doing it because of our isolation.  

Human health and disease is the result of a failure of connection to biodiversity and adaptation (healing)  that is inherent to the fabric of life on Earth.”— Dr. Zach Bush

We have become vulnerable as a population because we dropped our energy level.  We dropped our rate of repair and we are now manufacturing a broad picture of disinformation in our systems as we fail in that energetic potential.




Our bodies are columns of water and antennas of frequency resonance. Water organizes around electrical potential in a very intricate antenna- like form. When frequencies of life force from all of the cosmos hit our human body antenna made mostly of water, it creates a unique experience of resonance that allows the reception of all the quantum sensing information coming from not just the bacteria and fungi in the gut, but also, from our breath, from all of the cosmos. The stars billions of light years away are bombarding our column of water with information. The electrons flow, the aurora borealis northern lights sweep this earth daily, a thousand lightning strikes hit the ground in a moment to bring all that electricity down to Earth from the cosmos. It is vibrant on Earth, and when we take our shoes off and go walk in the garden – whooommm” – a surge of life force, so much information suffuses us and suddenly we become this vibrant antenna-resonant structure. Our bodies are designed to resonate specifically to our tune - thats what truth feels like- that is the 6th sense. When we study nature, C-scale is being played everywhere. The bees are an example of this. We are not just the collective conglomerate of biology. We are energies of life force before we are cell. The energetic, the electromagnetic field emanates from, into and out of our bodies. It is tuning our bodies to personal resonant frequencies of energy that inform the human cells to work in concert with nature around us. The symphony occurs tuning us back to the capacity to hear ourselves.  And when we listen to ourselves, we want to play, to be creative with nature and other people around us. When we become empowered and present to one another, we will heal each other. We are manifestations of the life force energy field that animates human cells. The human cells in turn behave accordingly in a certain way to take on a certain form, to follow a certain function of vibration to be Self, and express that Self creatively as part of the divine manifestation of the universe.



Being human and a multicellular organism means we are 100% intrinsically responsible and dependent upon the vitality of the mitochondria inside our cells, on the life force it holds within.  The food we eat is oxidized, releasing energy in the process.  Using the released energy, the mitochondria generates ATP which becomes the primary source of energy for most of the body's biochemical and physiological processes such as movement, growth, and homeostasis.  Thus, the mitochondria sends signals to our organs, allowing them to function. 

Wellbeing depends on how electricity flows through the body. The measurable property of the body's electricity is voltage. We can also use this to measure life force in our bodies. Our muscles are voltage generators as well as rechargeable batteries as we move about. However, the system only works when we are moving or exercising,  imbued with life force. Without exercise, our battery system goes dead. Each cell of the body has voltage. Wellbeing depends not only on the efficiency of electrical current coursing through the body, but also on the makeup of electrical power in each cell of the body. Efficiency in electrical generation utilizing life force in the cell accounts for wellbeing.  In this sense, electrical voltage is the difference between the bodys top performance and death.

Noted ophthalmologist Dr. Jerry Tennant correlated pH with voltage. Cells grow at a specific pH range, and within that optimal range, they also generate just the right amount of voltage in order to function efficiently. Dr. Tennant saw that voltage and pH are related. Voltage is a function of pH. Human cells are designed to run in an environment of -25 millivolts, equivalent to a pH of 7.45.

To replace damaged cells with new cells, voltage of -50 mV must be generated in the cell. This is achieved by inserting electrons which are negatively charged, into the cell, until voltage of -50 mV is obtained. New cells then start to grow in place of the old damaged cells. Once replaced, the damaged cells normally revert to voltage of approx -25 for adults. If the cell fails to achieve a voltage of -50 mV, pain and chronic disease set in.  Evidently, millivolts are a measure of life force. It is essential therefore that enough life force in the form of electrons are generated into our cells for them to generate voltage of -50 mV. Pain is a sign of low, insufficient cellular voltage. The condition of cells not functioning well is what we call disease”.



The concept of electron donor and electron stealer is used in chemical sciences. Dr. Tennant uses as well the concept of electron donor,  to denote substances or activities that increase millivolts (voltage), enhancing the body's ability to heal itself.  Connecting with nature is an electron donor or healing activity. Electron stealers reduce the bodys overall voltage, and therefore its ability to heal itself properly on the cellular level.

The following chart helps us understand the difference between electron donors and electron stealers as it relates to the human body:

By staying within the blue zone, your millivolts, your oxygen will be up as well. But there are other essentials like alkalized water bubbling with life force and nutrient-dense food teeming with life force to nourish your cells so that they make new cells that work.  Alkalizing only functions to remove detrimental energy in food so as not to deplete life force; it does not make food nutrient-dense.




50 mV is necessary to make new cells to replace damaged cells in a particular area.  Once the damaged cells are replaced, it is normal that the mV go back to -25 for adults.


FEELWELLs team of wellness are students of BioGeometry. They have developed a personal energizer based on proprietary knowledge, using beneficial, transformative and harmonizing centering energy, that enhances life force in your personal energy field. This effect runs across dimensions and planes - physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


FEELWELLs personal energizer enhances life force in the body. Life force supports the job of the trillions of bacteria, protozoa, fungi in the cells of the body, specially in the gut microbiome that are constantly communicating to make life happen.



  • It raises your millivolts to create new cells.
  • It alkalizes: removes all detrimental energy in your drinking water, vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, fish, including processed foods. It also alkalizes toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning detergents.
  • It hastens to heal the gut microbiome.
  • It reduces pain by increasing oxygen levels as the millivolts go to - 50 mV and up.
  • It aids in un-stressing.
  • It brings up your vibration and frequency,  allowing for better relationships by listening to the other.
  • It helps to focus and create.
  • It helps you to sleep deeply.
  • It protects your cellphone and computer from detrimental EMF.



To test its effectiveness, FEELWELLs team use BioGeometry tools and other modalities. Tests are run on:

  • The 6 meridians to check the voltage level of -50 up.
  • The vertebrae to check if other areas in the body need rebalancing.
  • The 7 chakras to check if any of the chakras need clearing.



  • Name and age
  • Recent pictures of your face and whole body
  • Picture of your bedroom from 4 sides, Including your bed
  • Presenting problems



  • Send through Whats App to: +639176290829



  • 7 working days after receipt of your pictures, your bedroom pictures and your presenting problems with full payment.



  • A baseline report
  • An in-process report, if necessary
  • A turnover report of how your millivolts levels are doing 
  • Your FEELWELL Personal Energizer with all of all your reports, a brochure and a link to the article Healing happens with the creation of new cells that work, instructions on how to download your FEELWELL Personal Energizer and instructions on how to use your FEELWELL Personal Energizer.
  • 2 follow up readings of your millivolts every 15 days after turn over and one time rebalancing of Meridians, Vertebrae, Chakras.



  • The effects are immediate because when the Personal Energizer is turned over to you, the reading of your voltage is already above -50mV. The use of the Personal Energizer to alkalize and energize is also immediate. The healing of your gut microbiome using our nutrient-dense synbiotic foods following FEELWELL’s Heal your gut program is approximately one month. These 3 pave the way for your healing without the stress and anxiety.



  • FEELWELL’s Personnal Energizer may last from 3-5 years for raising your millivolts and alkalizing unless a remarkable trauma happens.




BOTH HEMISPHERES, LEFT BRAIN AND RIGHT BRAIN, are important to human functioning and a balance in their use would be ideal in achieving healing. Right brain perception perceives the universal flow of energy that matters in healing as it is the space that governs 98 percent of the basic component of our reality. Ideally, while the left brain is activated in healing, there must be heavier reliance on the right brain to push life force through our systems, to produce our biological functions. Healing works optimally with your engagement in the healing process because the path to healing is personal and the mechanisms of the healing process are not entirely physiological. The vital emotional and spiritual aspect have bearing. You must participate in your own healing.



  • At least -50 mV to create new cells
  • Remove toxins from your body and surroundings for the new-cells to work 
  • The raw materials to make new cells. 



  • Use your personal energizer at least 3x daily for 30 minutes especially in the first 3 months.This is crucial to your healing. It gives your mitochondria the subtle energy it needs to communicate  with the trillions of cells  in your body and for creating the new cells to heal.
  • Exercise and stretch to keep your muscles working, they are your battery packs to generate electrons.  We recommend the practice of qigong. 
  • To enhance your electrons for your mitochondria and biodiversity in the gut microbiome, Walk barefoot on the ground  as much as you can, walk in nature, the deeper into forests the better, breathe in the biome, swim in the sea or near waterfalls or springs; be around animals and pets. 



Use your personal energizer to remove all detrimental energy and toxins from your drinking water and everything you put in and on your body.  Alkalize / energize by putting your groceries on top of a table and play your personal energizer from your laptop facing your groceries for at least 5 minutes. To alkalize all the items in your kitchen cabinets, freezer etc., place your handy phone on a tripod and position in front of cabinets with cabinet door open for at least 5 minutes,  The reach of the personal energizer is at least 18 to 20 meters . Start by energizing everything in your refrigerator and freezer, pantry, kitchen cabinet, bathroom, medicine cabinets and laundry.

It is best to alkalize and energize  things as you come home from shopping:

  • Energize your whole habitat with it. Using a tripod, bring it to every room of the house, to the garden.
  • Energize your household, your pets, plants and trees with it, and the street where you live. 
  • Detox and rebalance your body with proper physical therapy. We recommend the therapy of Edgie Cahanap.  



  • Eat good fat in the form of our FEELWELL raw milk or kefir milk to create new cells; heal your gut in the first month by following our FEELWELL heal your gut program . Our nutrient-dense synbiotic yogurts and kefir help to rebalance your gut flora. Feelwell”s chicken broths and soups are prepared to seal your gut lining.
  • Pair Feelwell products with fruits and vegetables purchased from farmers practicing regenerative farming or natural farming methods  who keep their soil teeming with biodiversity.

FEELWELL products are produced using natural farming methods to provide your body with the micronutrients it needs to heal your gut quickly..



  • Quantumin plus daily  to create new cells. Use 10 drops in your glass of drinking water. 
  • Spirulina - It is a type of cyanobacteria, which is a family of single-celled microbes that are often referred to as blue-green algae that may provide your body with all the essential amino acids and minerals your body needs.



  • Look for quiet time to be still and listen to your SELF.
  • Manifest healing with daily meditation by detaching yourself from your environment. Visualize and experience emotionally a new you with clear intention from the quantum field. We recommend daily meditations with Joe Dispenza. There are no happy endings if you come from a point of fear and lack.
  • Exercise whole brain thinking and perception. Use drawing on the right side of the brain to learn how to trick your left brain perception.
  • You may also start a new hobby by growing your own herbs and vegetables in your garden using natural farming methods, it will help you understand your body and nature better.




Once you understand that you are a direct link to divine information – that ocean of life force that energizes and supports all of life which is made of quadrillions  of micro-organisms – each network communicating with the next across dimensions and planes to create life… we get adept in the use of our sixth sense – of quorum sensing... being very comfortable and adept with it.. all that is left  to do is to play... Creating anything and everything we want or can envision... in perfect harmony and joy with Nature.

Literally, the world is our playground to co-create!