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Zero Waste


At Feel Well, we have a zero waste goal that reinforces our sustainability efforts and environment-friendly philosophy.

We REDUCE and minimize, RESOURCE, and RECYCLE.

Our sustainability efforts are carried out by minimizing byproducts, composting waste, choosing recyclable packaging materials, recycling processing, and conserving energy and water. With these ingenious and resourceful practices, Feel Well moves towards financial and environmental sustainability.


  1. MANGO

Every bit of the mango is used, from its outermost part, the peel, to its innermost core, the seed kernel, and of course its glory, the flavorful pulp.

-Mango peel is fermented in whey, dried and powdered into dietary fiber. This fiber has many applications in the food industry. It will soon be incorporated in a new Feel Well product.

-The kernel shell is fibrous and hard. It is shredded into small strips, replacing sawdust and rice hull for composting.

-The kernel itself inside the seed cover is used in our Fiber Bites for its medicinal effects on our skin.

  1. YACON

The peel is fermented in whey, dried and incorporated in our Fiber Bites and granola, along with walnut powder.


The peel is an excellent source of fiber. It is powdered and is used in various other products.


Whey is a byproduct of making Greek yogurt. It is rich in protein and amino acids. At Feel Well, the whey is not thrown away. It is incorporated in our yogurt drinks. We also use it to ferment the nuts, vegetables, and peels which we use in our other products. The rest is incorporated in the drinking water of our chickens and used to ferment plant legumes fed to our milking buffalo.

  1. EGGS

Egg shells are powdered and mixed in the food of the chickens.


When the chickens are too old to lay eggs they are culled and the parts made into the best chicken broth soup. It takes at least 24 hours of simmering to make the excellent broth that heals the gut. The meat is roasted in its own good fat and made into adobo flakes. After all the boiling and roasting, the bones are soft enough to crumble and turned into powder, then prepared into bone pate.


Our bottles and plastic tubs are recyclable and reused. Customers are encouraged to return their empties.

We have the technology to break down the cartons in which our bottles are shipped, to reshape them as egg cartons into which we pack our eggs. For this, a mold and machine press are necessary.

In line with principles of food safety, we deliver our products using sealed plastic bags for ice packs which can then be reused by our customers.