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1. Nutrient dense food and a beneficial gut flora.

“A well-functioning gut with healthy gut flora holds the roots of our health.”

- Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.

Our human body is a self repairing system using minerals and trace elements produced by bacteria and fungi in good soil rich in humus which in turn, are absorbed by plants and animals to form our nutrient dense food. These nutrients are needed by our blood to nourish the cells in the different organs of our body. Without a beneficial gut flora, the villi in the gut lining of the small intestines whose job it is to assimilate and absorb nutrients into the bloodstream will be unable to do so. Those with chronic disease do not assimilate their food properly., thus ALL DISEASE starts in the gut.



2. The right millivolts generated in the cells of every organ. 

The human body is a portable electronic device running on 4 different battery packs. Our large muscles are our main rechargeable batteries hooked to our cell membranes. The facia around the muscles acts as semiconductor and serves as the body’s wiring system. When we move the muscles, it generates electrons.. that is why exercise is the way to recharge our batteries.
Healing has to do with voltage.                    
"Cells are designed to run at a pH of 7.35 – 7.45. pH is the measurement of a voltage in a liquid solution. A solution has the opportunity to be an electron donor or electron stealer.  A pH of 7.35 is the same as -20 millivolts of electron donor and 7.45 is the same as -25 millivolts of electron donor.


To restore voltage to the body, polarities must be corrected so that the body has the voltage to run correctly and heal itself. Every cell in our body is  designed to run at -20 to -25 mV (millivolts). To heal we must make new cells. To make new cells requires -50 mV.  Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 mV and/or you cannot achieve -50 mV to make new cells.  Then cells don’t have enough horsepower to do their job.  Chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage. 

When voltage drops to +30 mV, you have cancer.  At -22.86 mV, cancer cells become dormant.  At -85.71 mV, cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live."

-Dr. Jerry Tennant


3. Removal of toxins around damaged cells. 

We need to deal with toxins that damage cells as fast as we can make them. Heavy metals like mercury, graphene oxide, dental toxins, GMO foods, EMFs, microwave, chemicals in our food and environment like glyphosate destroy our cells.

We also need to deal with low vibrations or toxic emotions which are stored in the body as a magnetic field.  If stacked in one of the acupuncture meridian circuits, it blocks the voltage so it won't go through.  Most chronic diseases begin with a toxic vibrational emotional event causing a magnetic field in the tooth. Emotions block the flow of electrons through a tooth lowering the voltage in that acupuncture meridian circuit. Emotions block the dental pump allowing for decay and dental infections to occur,  lowering the voltage in that circuit.