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We can heal by thought alone.. What is the science behind that?

If people understand  the what and the why of things, then the how gets easier because it becomes practical.  When  people understand the what and the why then they assign meaning to what they are doing and switch on the prefrontal cortex.  That executive function of the brain actually dampens down the circuits that has nothing to do with anything else but that single minded thought. When people understand the what and why and  there’s nothing left to  conjecture, to superstition, to  dogma,  to spirituality,  that science is the contemporary language  we use to demystify the mystical.  Those persons who experience healing almost instantly are the examples of truth,  they are speaking truth as they have actually applied those principles that were once philosophical , theoretical,  that was basically knowledge.  The application, the  personalization, and the demonstration created an experience.  Experience is really what changes us,  because it enriches the circuitry of the brain, but the end product of the experience is an emotion.  Emotion is what teaches our body chemically that  our minds intellectually originally understood.  People heal instantly when they have these total transcendental moments where there is significant arousal in the brain.  This arousal is ecstasy or bliss.  The amount of energy in those people's brain during that moment of connection produces such a level of energy in the brain that it is hundreds of times the normal. These  are very high levels of order in the brain - a supernatural amount of order, that causes us to  heal by thought alone. 

How stress causes the heart and brain to be incoherent 

If we are late for an appointment,  have to pick up our kid, there’s ten text we have to answer, something went wrong in the office,  the arousal of the stress hormones causes us to move into that primitive nervous system of survival,  and we are in stress.  We are trying to control, to predict, to organize our life.. because that unknown is unpredictable. So we shift our attention to one person, to another meeting to another place we have to go , another time , another thing we have to do  and every single one of those elements has a neurological network in our brain.. because we have experienced our child, our co-worker,  we have experienced pain in our back,  our cellphone  -  our relationship  with everything physical and material. It’s mapped neurological in the brain.  In fact, the neocortex  is a record of the past.  The arousal of  stress hormones causes us to shift our attention to all these elements and we activate those circuits.  Like a lightning storm in the clouds,  the brain starts firing very incoherently.  When the brain is incoherent we are incoherent. When the brain is not working right, we are not working right.. At the same exact time we are sitting in traffic , we can’t really run, there’s nowhere to run.   We can’t fight as there’s no one to fight.  We can’t really hide  and  so the arousal of this  primitive nervous system causes the heart rate to increase,  and its respiratory rate to increase,  because that was the mechanism of  survival  when being chased by  a t rex.   So now the heart and respiratory rate are increasing but we are not running, fighting nor hiding.   There's a physiological change in our body for emergency, and we are taking all these vital  energy that we would use  for growth and repair,  for long term building projects and we are tapping all the body’s resources and we are turning it and converting it into chemistry.  So, the heart  is rising but we are not using that energy.  It's pumping against a closed system  and it causes the heart to start  firing incoherently.  And that’s when we stop trusting, loving, we stop communing, cooperating, creating  or thinking of possibilities. Not a time  to learn, not a time to go within and so people spend their time living in that state.  In that aroused state those chemicals heighten our senses  and we narrow  our focus on the material world because that’s  where the danger is.  If something’s behind the big rock, and we hear it moving and its dark at night and we are walking, we are going to freeze, we are going to narrow our focus and the arousal is going to heighten our senses.  That kind of narrowed focus becomes habituated when people leave in constant stress.  We can turn on that response just by thinking about our problems.  So now, the arousal of those chemicals has become like an addiction. We need the familiar stimulation to reaffirm that emotional state,  that’s how we feel alive! 

How to go from that narrow focus to broadening and opening our focus.

We can open our focus by focusing on nothing material and physical. We do that by sensing space, by sensing nothing.  Those different compartments of the brain that were firing out of order incoherently, start to synchronize.  What sinks in the brain links in the brain..  and all of a sudden the person starts to feel more like themselves, there’s an integration… there is global coherence.  When waves are working in order,   when they are working in coherence, then the entire brain works like a symphony .. we start feeling whole, we start feeling clear, we can think, we can have a vision, or an intention of the future. 

We need to dial down our thinking neocortex - our analytical mind  by sensing space.  If we are sensing, we are not thinking nor analyzing,  so we start slowing our brain waves from the hi beta brain waves state when we are in survival,  into lower brain beta state and  ultimately in alpha.   Alpha is the creative state. Alpha is the imaginary state -  that’s when the voice in our head is talking to us all the time.  That default mode shuts off and our brain starts to see in images and pictures and we start imagining.  An imaginary state is a creative state.   If we could  slow our brain waves down to theta,  because in theta we are in hypnotic state which  causes us  to be very suggestible to information.   Suggestiblity is our ability to accept, believe and surrender to information as the truth and  without analyzing it  - that’s exactly what programs the subconscious mind.

All we have to do is to work on regulating our internal state every day.

We do not have to have  those transcendental moments. All we need to do is to work on regulating our internal state every day.

The novice meditators immerse themselves for 7 days and their body looks like they are  in a different  life... a completely different  environment.

How does that happen?

The application becomes important for everybody. My environment, some person, something in my outer world  has control over  the way I feel and the way I think.. that’s a subconscious program called  victimization. Anything that controls us – the way we feel and the way we think, we  are victim to.  The problem is that the majority of the time,  our response to environment weakens the organism.  That means our fear, our anger, our aggression weakens us.  The environment is actually causing  the organism through the stress hormones in the long term effects  to start down regulating  systems in the body.  So as long we react to the environment and the response is causing us to become weakened,  we are victims to our environment.  The difficulty is that in the  process of change, ninety per cent of the thoughts we think daily,  we thought the day before. 

Nerve cells that fire together wire together. Keep firing the same thoughts, keep making the same choices, keep doing the same things, keep recreating the same experiences that stamp the same network  of neurons in the  staying patterns, all for the familiar feeling called “me”.

We do that enough times, our biology, our neurocircuitry, our neuro chemistry,  our hormones,  our gene expression stays the same. 

Because we are the same,  then we believe in the thought : we can’t meditate , i want to complain, I want to blame I want to make excuses,  I don’t have the time,  it’s my mother’s fault, I want to lay down, what am I doing wrong. The personality that has been hard wired and conditioned emotionally into the past is resisting the unknown.  Sometimes, we would rather cling to suffering then take a chance in new possibilities.  So here’s the knowledge... if we actually do this.. and stretch ourselves a little further than we would normally do, lf we go further, our brain will change.

We can teach ourselves to do this over and over again.. no different than  training an animal.  The body is the animal. We tell the body it’s no longer the mind. . that we are the mind.    Those victories add up and  there is a liberation of energy -  there goes the pain,  the guilt, the health , the success, a loving relationship, a mystical experience.  We, all of a sudden , start to  relax  into the present  moment. 

We often wake up in the morning and  start thinking of our problems.   By doing so, we  are in the past. Our  problems  are memories etched in the brain, connected to certain people and objects, at certain times and places. The moment we start thinking of our problems we are thinking  in the past.  Every one of the problems have an emotion associated  to it.  So, when we feel unhappy, bitter, fear - We are in the past.             

Thoughts are the language of the brain, feelings are the language of the body.  Thought and feeling, image and emotion, stimulus and response, our conditioning the body to be the mind of the emotion subconsciously. Now the body is believing its living in the same past experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  365 days a year.  Why, the body is so objective it does not know the difference between the real life experience that’s creating and  the emotion that person is creating by thought alone. 

The environment signals the genes, that’s epigenetics. The end product from the experience  is an  emotion.  A person signals the same genes the same way and genes make proteins;  proteins are responsible for the structure and function of the body and the expression of protein is the expression of life -  the person is headed for a genetic destiny.   When people labor for the present moment,  they take the attention off their body, off all the people of their life, the objects they own, their cell phone, their computer, their car, their house. They are no longer are identifying  where they live, where they need to go, and they are not thinking  of the predictable future and  familiar past, they are disassociating from every physical material everything known. That is the exact moment we call getting beyond ourselves, that unknown is the perfect place to create from.

Demystifying the present moment and rewiring our brain.

The process of change, the all familiar person called “Me” is no different from a rehab.   In the first 2 days of this process, we are basically rehabbing from our emotional state and our habits as we are sitting in the presence of that discomfort. Discomfort is because  the body is leaving the known. But the body has been conditioned to be the mind. However, the moment we get the body outside its familiar territory, its going to try to tell us to quit by saying: you don’t want to do this. The question is: What’s on the other side of that familiar thought?  Can you sit there long enough? That’s no longer the thought you accept, believe and surrender to.  Can I sit with my familiar body and settle it down? Stay... I will feed you, your bladder is not going to explode and you work with catching those thoughts of mental cognition.  

If we are in that ninety five per cent  where we are unconscious, then the first step to change is to become conscious of our unconscious, so it loses power over us. Just because we have a thought does not mean it's true and if we are left alone by ourselves,  we start believing every thought we think that’s the problem. So the majority of people’s  thoughts are based on what they perceive about themselves from their past and if we catch ourselves complaining, blaming and making excuses and judging someone else and we say I want to be  a happy person. Well, a happy person will never do that, it would make them unhappy.

If we notice we have been feeling guilty for the past 20 years because it just felt like us and we can’t feel joy, it's because of what we have been practicing and doing. Most people give up because they don’t know that there is anything on the other side of it . 

So the Next question is:  What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain  and  what attention and what intention?   If we keep practicing firing- wiring those thoughts to start installing hardware... do it enough times, it becomes like a software program. Now that the new voice we program in our heads says:  I can do this, I believe in myself.

What does greatness look like?

If we rehearse and are in those situations,  now we have installed the hardware and do it often and we have installed the software.

If a  new personality creates a new personal reality, then the next question is:  how am I going to behave today. How am I going to be with myself, or my partner today.   How am I going to be at work,  at my zoom calls,  what does greatness look like..  What would love do today.

If we close our eyes and we start imagining doing that.  First, we ask ourselves  how are we going to be in those situations,  then we rehearse how we are going to be in those situations.  The evidence, without a doubt, is that our brain will start to look like that experience has already happened.   We have to do it enough times  so we get good at it through  the mental rehearsal  of the act that we have already done it.  As we  install  and keep doing  it,  it becomes a software program and we  start being like a happy person.. no magic there.. changing the brain just by thinking differently.

What happens when we have a coherent heart and brain?

Can I teach my body emotionally what my future will feel before it happens - Feel gratitude before the event even occurs. So when we teach ourselves how to feel heart coherence and self- regulate with a coherent brain, we can hold the image of our future.  We can actually rehearse who we are going to be. We can bring up the emotions of our future.

if we can feel gratitude before our healing, healing begins.  If we can feel abundance or worthiness before we have our wealth,  we will start generating abundance.   If we start being in love with ourselves and being in love with life, we will create an equal – that is  the law.  If we are in awe of life, or in awe of the moment, we will have a mystical experience and power.  We are going to start stepping into our successes.  So when we wait for the outer world to change and our internal stays, that’s a conditioning process.  Some people wait, some people live in lack and separation for their entire life because they are not creating anything.  That’s  the illusion of 3 dimensional reality - cause and effect.   But, when we have the emotion ahead of the experience it's causing the effect.

So when the heart is coherent and tends to produce an external magnetic field that’s 3 m wide,  now you have a wifi signal.  When you have a coherent brain,  the brain could actually lay the information on that signal. The thought of your health or your wealth can be carried on the frequency of that heart emotion. Emotions are the end product of an experience. Epigenetic says that it’s the environment that signals the gene. If the environment signals the gene then the end product of an experience in that environment is an emotion. That person is signaling genes ahead of the environment.  Now they are biologically believing, behaving, and actually becoming that person.  So if that person sustains that state,  that novice meditator suggests that their body is in a different life.

Heart Coherence is rhythm. Coherence is rhythm.  When we are in fear or in survival and our heart rate increases and our respiratory rate increases,  our brain waves goes into an aroused state and we spend seventy per cent of our life in this aroused state, anticipating the worst case scenario that’s going to happen in our lives. If we slow our breathing, we slow our brain waves down.  If we teach our body to move out of survival there’s only one other thing it wants to do… it wants to create.  The heart actually starts to bloom when we place our attention on the heart. When that heart starts to beat in rhythm, it  starts to inform the brain that it’s time to create. A wave of energy goes to the brain and the brain goes to alpha and says it's safe now to create. Now we are out of survival.  As we hit that drum repeatedly,  a wave of sound is produced. The more coherent it is, the more we can carry information.  If we drop a pebble in the water, and another pebble in the water, and the heart is in  coherence,  there is a magnetic field.

Incoherence causes us to analyze.  if we analyze anything - our life, our self, disturbing emotions - we are going to make our brain worse one hundred per cent of the time. We are thinking in the past and our thoughts are arousing the brain more into that state of survival.  

So when this person is having this spontaneous love attack their bodies are going : it been about 2 hours without a little love.. let me just automatically do that.  Though now when you feel these elevated emotions, it activates the prosocial network of the brain. The survival creates the protective network: I’m separate, you’re different, I’m selfish right now.   it’s all about me.. let’s compete.. let’s manipulate.. let’s control,  let’s do matter change matter.. that’s more or less  the program. The opposing part of this is people start to connect and start to have these elevated states.. then something really unusual happens.. the reality seems to conform in ways that are equal to who they are being.. 

Now the heart is saying to the brain... It’s time to create and now your energy is changed and nothing changes until we change our energy. you change your energy you change your life. The idea then is to be able to maintain that modified state of mind and body the entire day, so good at doing it with our eyes closed as we can do it with our eyes open.  If we can sustain that state for an extended period of time,  we are no longer having to go get it and do something matter to matter. To go until we have arrived at that experience, we are in lack or separation.

The opposite is that everything is coming to you. So, the thought tend to have an electrical charge in the quantum field it tends to be the directive it sends the signal out in the heart and  the magnetic field tends to draw the experience to us so that if we learn to create from the  learn Field instead of from matter, it will shorten the distance between the thought of what we want and the experience of having it.   

In the cause and the effect,  in 2 dimensional reality, we can develop the skills to become successful.  We have a choice.. to study really hard, to  practice ,   get trained.. but we are going to follow certain rules of Newtonian physics. It’s just going to take  time and hard work to get what we want.   Do that for a while and sooner than later,  you begin to ask,  is there another way where it gets exciting.   It’s not matter emitting the field, it’s the field emitting the matter.   If I can change the information in the field, I can change the expression in 3 dimensional reality. So when I teach myself to become no body, no one, nothing, nowhere;  in no time I become pure consciousness  disconnecting and disassociating from everything physical and known in the 3 dimensional reality.

Creating from the field instead of from matter.

Now all of a sudden if we become aware that we can actually connect to that field with awareness in infinite vacuum, in emptiness and space,   It would be like looping  the virtual reality head set off and you can’t get the upgrade.  If we have a coherent heart and a coherent brain, we create from the field instead of from matter. Every thought in the quantum field produces a frequency. If we can feel the frequency of the thought and we experience it ..  we shorten the distance of what we want and the experience of it.

Coherent patterns of energy and in the field actually change the hologram in 3 dimensional reality.  so if you’ve done a lot of the matter to matter stuff and  really good at it… there’s got to be another way, so mystify the process.. whatever you want - a new life, a trip somewhere, a new car,  people who do this feel .. when they see that first synchronicity: the energy, the surprise wakes the person up - whatever I’m doing inside of me is producing some effect outside of me.. I’m going to pay attention to what I’m doing and keep doing it.

When we get there.. the very thing  we want to create in matter we don’t want to create anymore because we already have it. When we start connecting to those greater frequencies, we are  moving closer to Source.   What is the source? Pure love - wholeness.   It’s the most familiar, unfamiliar feeling we ever have and came it from that place. 

We are in an experiment called 3 dimensional reality.  We are in a process of self-discovery and the person who has the synchronicity, who has the coincidence, they do the work.  They are not philosophers, not theologians. They are in the playing field - everyday and a person who does not heal from their illness, they do not say: Why am I not healed?  Rather they ask: What is it about me that I still have to change that will create the healing? That’s a different experiment.  So I just have to stay in this emotion state,  because the more I stay here the more I’m noticing my body is responding, he understands that the only way he will be healed is to change himself... It becomes very practical.

Turning your adversities into wisdom.

Let me ask the question:  Let me get uncomfortable here.. What is it that I truly want? What do I want to change about myself,  to be healthy,  wealthy and successful.  What are my bad habits?  Get busy writing down all the choices you want to make... The things you want to do.  Start writing  down all your goals and experiences and every goal means you write down your future.  

We have an emotion means we get inspired and optimistic. We get grateful and energized and the emotions fuel more thoughts and actually change our biology.  We do something really  important. We start looking at the thoughts we no longer want to think, we write them down... it’s too hard.. etc. We start looking at the choices we have to stop making, it’s going to be uncomfortable .

It was the overcoming of our own personal transformation. those people that have a physical health issue, the moment they notice there is a change.. pain in something,  some change. People make the connection right away.. now they are doing it 2x a day not because they have to but because that’s the medicine. 

First, is to learn. Every time we learn we make new connections in the brain. Be present with the content. We can really get it.. Turn to the person beside you and teach it back to them.. 

If we can explain it to them,  we are causing our brain to fire in a new sequence  of patterns and combinations. The brain works differently. We are changing our minds. The mind is the brain.  You can’t learn it in one shot, it’s a learning process. 

So, we are installing neurological  hardware in our brain in preparation.   Knowledge is the precursor to the experience. Without the knowledge and the information, there is nothing.

The more we understand the what.. and the why we are doing it. It’s conjecture. The “how'' becomes exciting:  “I'm going to get it!”

You don’t really want material things,  you want the emotion.

That’s the personality that has been hardwired.
That if you actually do this and you stretch this further.
The body is the animal.
You are telling the body they are not the mind.. you are the mind.
The person starts to relax in the moment.


Hypnotic state cause us to be very suggestible to information and that’s exactly what reprograms the subconscious mind.