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Raise your millivolts


  • Your FEELWELL Personal Energizer resonates with your particular energy field or crystalline geometry and acts on rebalancing your whole body’s subtle energies or life force at all levels.

  • To keep your millivolts up to -50 mV while healing, play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer 2-3x daily, for 30 minutes.

  • If you have pain, hold or set up your device on a tripod and play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer over any discomfort that you feel or put your personal energizer beside you and put your fingers near or on the device. Feel the vibration and consciously direct the energy to the place that needs healing. Do this for at least 30 minutes. You may also use a cross pattern method by placing the energizer on your left hand if the problem is on your right foot; on your left foot if the problem is on your right arm.

  • If you have no discomfort, you can play your Personal Energizer anywhere within range. You can play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer anytime during the day or night: while meditating, walking, eating, reading, studying or working on your computer. If you need to concentrate, play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer.

  • If you have trouble sleeping, play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer, if you are nervous or anxious, play FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer.

  • FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer is also able to alkaline and energize everything you put in or on your body. This is important as when you eat food that has been processed, most of the voltage disappears and your body must provide electrons from other sources to digest it. However, with the use of FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer you can energize everything you eat and drink or use on your body to avoid damage it.

  • Use your FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer to energize your drinking water by pointing the video towards the glass, pitcher or water dispenser for 5 minutes to alkalize it. We are 70% water thus It is important to alkalize your drinking water to prevent the loss of electrons from your cells caused by acidic water (bottled water or tap water).

  • You may also save the Personal Energizer in your laptop computer and set the computer on a table and play it in front of all the food or products you want to energize. or alkalize. All your food means everything you put in your mouth - vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, grains, bread, oils, condiments, etc . It will turn everything alkaline by neutralizing all the detrimental substances it contains in 5 minutes. It will stay alkaline even if you heat it, boil it, or freeze it after. You can do the same for all your potato chips, cheeses, meats, fish, cakes, cereals, rice, bread, alcohol, coffee, supplements, medication etc.

  • You may also use your FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer for your detergents, cosmetics and toiletries,. It can neutralize the fluoride in toothpaste as well. So energize everything in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and medicine cabinets to protect yourselves. Start by energizing everything in your refrigerators, freezers, and pantry by setting your Personal Energizer on a tripod facing the refrigerator, freezers and cabinets with door open for 5 minutes. The reach of the video is about 15 meters on 45 degree angle.

  • What it cannot do, however, is make your food nutrient dense as micronutrients come from the soil. And the body needs nutrients to heal itself. Look into naturally farmed produce to give your body the nutrients it needs. Look into FEELWELL's products to give you the nutrients you need to heal.

  • Use FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer also to energize all the parts of your home including your garden, plants and trees. Your pets will appreciate being energized as well including their food and drinks.

  • Remember to bring your FEELWELL’s Personal Energizer with you when you leave your home and use it to energize any food or drink consumed wherever you go.