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Elvira Benitez Araneta

Elvira Benitez Araneta

Elvira is an Energy Harmonizer who can help you align your physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. She helps bring up the voltage of your cells to the level where it can create new cells that keep themselves repaired.

Why is Cell Voltage Important

  • Cells must have enough voltage to work. Chronic disease is associated with loss of voltage.
  • The body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly. It gets well by making new cells that work correctly.
  • Every cell in the body is designed to run at -25 mV (millivolts) and up.
  • To heal, we must make new cells. To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts.
  • Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 mV and/or you cannot achieve – 50 mV to make new cells. Then, cells don’t have enough horsepower to do their job and to remove toxic waste.
  • When voltage drops to +30 mV, you have cancer. At -22.86 mV, cancer cells become dormant. At -85.71mV, cancer cells die while healthy cells live.

Cell Voltage is worked through Muscle Battery Circuits

  • There are six muscle battery circuits in a person’s body.
  1. Sympathetic/Parasympathetic
  2. Lung/Large Intestine
  3. Heart/Small intestine
  4. Spleen/Stomach
  5. Kidney/Bladder
  6. Liver/Gallbladder
  • Our muscles are stacked one upon the other in a very specific order to create a battery pack. The battery pack is surrounded by a stocking of fascia (or a common sheath). The stack of muscles and fascia creates the muscle battery pack for every organ – that is to say, every organ in the body has its own battery pack.
  • Such a pack of muscles is called an acupuncture meridian.
  • How to Start

    Prior to a session, send your picture and your presenting problems via email, Viber, or WhatsApp to Elvira.

    In the first session, Elvira tests how strong the cell voltage is in each of the 6 Circuits. If cell voltage is weak, she finds out the underlying causes of the weakness, then she corrects the imbalances responsible for the debility. The mind-body needs sufficient time to process the energy changes that it’s been subjected to during the session. Sometimes a follow-up session is needed to fully address all the imbalances and to bring up cell voltage to optimal level.

    At the end of each session, you are given a report and some explanatory notes and, possibly, some recommendations.

    Elvira charges Php 2500 per hour that she works on your energy field. A first session usually amounts to some Php 6250 ( 2 1⁄2 hours)

    All work is done distantly, using the quantum physics principle of non-locality.

    Contact details:
    Cell no: +63917 843 3303 


    Payments can be made via any of these channels:
    Account Name: Elvira B Araneta
    BPI  - 9875001156
    BDO Unibank - 002370506721
    G Cash - 09178433303



    Edgie Alba Cahanap

    Edgie is a first rate Pinoy Hilot and Sports Therapist. Edgie has 26 years experience using hilot Pinoy taught to him by his grandmother in strenthening and balancing a persons muscles as they are our largest battery packs that take care of powering the creation of new cells in our bodies.

    Since 2010, Edgie is a certified masseur or massage therapist who manually manipulates soft tissues and muscles to increase
    muscle power and performance increasing cell reproduction. He is a specialist in relaxing and therapeutic massages, medical, sports massage, and a series of stretching, along with other international therapeutic approaches like line meridian therapy.

    He rebalances the muscles and corrects posture, helps improve flexibility and mobility, improves blood circulation and lymph stimulation which results in increased dopamine, hormones and a decrease in cortisol.

    A weekly or bi-monthly therapy with Edgie not only strengthens your muscles and stimulates cell renewal but also removes toxins from the body. Persons suffering from stroke, frozen shoulders, sciatica, back and leg problems will benefit greatly from his therapy.

    Edgie charges Php 3000 for a 3-hour therapy.

    Contact details:
    Cell no: +63945 587 9698 



    Tomas Alejo Batalla

    The Bio->Chi Energy Enhancer or BIO->CEE is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience and research by Tom into spiritual and subtle energies. Bio->Cee is a chi energy generator and emitter that enhances the beneficial energies in a person and his environment. Chi is the life force that permeates all life as described by the I Ching and which has been referred to as prana, mana, vril, od or scalar energy by others.

    Bio->CEE is a personalized chi energy generator made of a picture of a person, place , animal or object that has been reconfigured and transformed to emanate and transmit the inherently most beneficial chi/scalar energy. Additionally, various essential sacred elemental energies that harmoniously resonate with the person, animal, place or object is merged to create the powerful personalized Bio->CEE. Chi energy emitted by Bio->CEE is within a radius of 30 to 40 meters as tested thru kinesiology. Its energy emitting capacity may last for 10 – 12 years and does not diminish even when used to charge other objects. The creation of a Bio->CEE may usually take from one to three days. Only one Bio->CEE is needed for a person, animal or plant. Upon assessment, a place of residence, farm, building, office may require several Bio- >CEE cards that needs to be placed at particular locations to enhance the existing positive energies of the place and to transform the existing negative energies of the place to beneficial ones.

    Uses of Bio->CEE

    1. The Bio->Cee may be placed in one’s pocket, purse or wallet or attached to one’s ID or inside one’s shoes to boost one’s energies.
    2. The Bio->Cee may be taped on or installed within a cell phone to transform the detrimental energies emanating from the cell phone. The enhanced cell phone by the Bio->Cee may relieve aches and pains within minutes when placed in the afflicted area.
    3. Spin food, water, juices, medicines, etc slightly above the Bio->Cee for about 7 to 10 times to energize them and make them more absorbable by the cells of the body.
    4. Bio ->Cee may be placed inside the refrigerator to increase the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables.
    5. Spin lotions, massage oils, facial and other beauty creams above Bio->CEE for about 10 times to make them more potent and easily absorbed by the skin.
    6. If placed on a shelf, table, counter or floor, Bio->Cee can energize an area within a radius of 30-40 meters.
    7. A Bio->CEE can be positioned in a room, a house or lot to create beneficial energy grid, transforming detrimental energies within the area.
    8. Crystals, gemstones, jewels, eyeglasses, and apparel can be energized by spinning the bio->Cee above them about 10 times.

    The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Bio->CEE is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is for educational and research purposes only.

    How to order

    Send a picture of the person or that of an animal, an equipment such as the entrance of water and electricity into your house, a place such as your house & garden, your farm, your office to Tom via viber +63 947 425 4586. Instructions of how to install will be done by phone and/or email.

    After assessment, processing and when Bio->CEE cards are ready, you will be notified. It will be sent as soon as payment is received.

    Cost of each set of energy cards which consists of four copies is Php5,000.