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Why Synbiotic?


You tend to your home garden, what about your body’s own ecosystem?  

Probiotics are live microorganisms - good microbes the body needs to fight off bad bacteria.

They (1) suppress growth of harmful bacteria and (2) improve the immune function, because close to 80% of the immune system is in the gut lining. By communicating with immune system cells, your gut microbiome controls how your body responds to infection. They also (3) promote a healthier digestive tract.

Help prevent:    acidity


                        lactose intolerance


                        weight gain

Prebiotics are insoluble fiber (indigestible carbohydrates) which feed and stimulate PROBIOTICS to keep their vigor.

By combining Probiotics and Prebiotics FEEL WELL packages a symbiotic system for achieving the bacterial balance your body needs for optimum performance.

Yogurt and cheese are delicious fermented food, a vehicle for Probiotics to enter your system. That is what FEEL WELL delivers.


Good bacteria  +  Indigestible fiber = Synbiotic Food 

It all starts there.