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Live Culture Provolone di Bufala 200 g:

Live Culture Provolone di Bufala  200 g:

Live Culture Provolone di Bufala 200 g:

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Provolone cheese made from A2 buffalo’s milk that gives you smooth and semi hard cheese that can be stretched or melted. Opening with hints of nuts and salty undertones, it is smooth, mild and full of character.


— Casein A2 Buffalo Milk
— Buffalo yogurt
— Bambu salt
— Vegetable rennet



A versatile cheese. It can be used in cooking, grated to sprinkle over salads, and even incorporated into desserts. It melts very well, so try it in grilled, or baked dishes or casseroles. Add it to savory pies or melt it on top of chicken for an easy but tasty midweek dinner.

If you are serving Provolone as part of a cheeseboard, we highly recommend adding spicy and salty condiments to enjoy it with — Olives, roasted red peppers and chargrilled artichokes.

For an unexpected dessert, served grilled or roasted pears with shredded provolone cheese and a sweet balsamic glaze.

*Store at 2° - 4°C temperature.