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Chicken Broth 400 ml

Chicken Broth 400 ml

Chicken Broth 400 ml

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No ordinary chicken bone broth. Rich, slow-simmered for a full day to draw out all the vitamins and minerals from our Bambu Chicken meat and bones. It's high in good fat. The foundation of this healing broth are healthy, organic Bambu chickens grown on a natural diet and health care. No commercial feed and no antibiotics, only fermented vegetables, organic grasses and legumes, roots and fish mixed with fermented rice bran. The meat and bones are gently cooked then chopped veggies are thrown into the pot to give prebiotic and nutrient benefits. The spices in this are specifically selected to improve gut integrity.

-Healing intestinal permeability aka leaky gut and treating conditions associated with it. The collagen in the broth nourishes the intestinal lining gives your gut the good fat it needs to heal a leaky gut.

-Chronic diseases like diabetes, liver problems, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, etc.

FUN FACT: Athletes like Kobe Bryant believed that slow-cooked chicken soup helps heal and strengthen bone and muscle tissue.

Take the chicken broth for 3 months . Have 1-2 cups every night with a spoonful of plain yogurt to seal the gut lining in those beset with leaky gut.You should see a difference in a month.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of FEEL WELL's key elements is its all-natural goodness. Store in 2° - 4°C temperature. Product shelf life is up to 14 days. Product can be frozen up to 5 months. If frozen, thaw in refrigerator overnight before consuming.