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2024: Cleanse and Detox

2024: Cleanse and Detox

2024: Cleanse and Detox

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 Cleanse and Detox with:

  • 4x Synbiotic Chicken Broth 400 ml
  • 2x Synbiotic Chicken Soup 400 ml (any variant)
  • 3x Kefir Milk 240 ml
  • 1x Synbiotic Yogurt Drink - 1.2 L: Mango + Dragon Fruit + Yacon
  • 2x Keystone Probiotic Drink - 240 ml: L. Reuteri + B. Infantis
  • 1x Keystone Probiotic Greek Yogurt - 400g: L. Reuteri



Upon waking up after taking a glass or warm water:

1/3 bottle of kefir

After exercise or meditation or stretching in the morning:

2/3  bottle Syn drink dragon fruit with added keystone probiotic L.Reuteri and B.Infantis


A few table spoons of Keystone Greek yogurt with L.Reuteri drizzled on fruits (Local organic fruit in season is best)


1/2 tub chicken broth with  2 tablespoons of kefir placed after warming broth before serving


1/2 tub  chicken soup ( onion or carrot )

With 2 tablespoons of kefir placed after warming the soup before serving

*You can add to the broth for lunch vegetables like kamote tops without the hard stems. Add the vegetables when heating the soup at low fire.  (Do not add water to broth) Add pressed garlic, parsley or basil if you wish to give the broth flavor.

***This diet is best taken for 3-4 weeks to put some beneficial microbes into your gut while you cleanse.

A lot of non starchy vegetables and fruits (local fruits in season is best) go well with this cleanse. Stay away from grains, processed food: sugar and simple carbohydrates (sodas, cakes, breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, cookies etc) vegetable oils {Minola sunflower oils, soya oils,  etc} and table salt.


1. Milk kefir is made with the bacterial strain Lactobacillus and the fungal strain Lactic yeast. In scientific studies, the anti-fungal activity of kefir has been proven. In layman's terms, it is tantamount to using a fungus to bring under control another fungus, by eating it up.

2. The Keystone Probiotic Greek Yogurt is made with Lactobacillus reuteri  which strengthens the gut lining.  Many probiotics die upon contact with stomach acid. In contrast, L. reuteri and B. infantis survives throughout the entire GI tract, binding to the gut lining (GI tract epithelium),  where it acts as an interior skin preventing entry of pathogens.  Clearing up the communication pathways of beneficial microbes through the body, it helps in tissue repair and production of neurotransmitters. Bifidobacterium infantis  helps lower levels of inflammation in persons with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and psoriasis. In persons with IBS it helps reduce abdominal pain, gas and bloating.

3. The role of synbiotic drinks in the cleansing program is to enlarge the population of  beneficial  microbes in your gut flora  (microbiota) so as to gain control of the opportunistic bacteria (pathogens ) in your gut microbiome. These pathogens are brought about by drugs/medication,  processed food, GMO, antibiotics in food,  and chemicals including shampoos and toxic environments .

4. Our chicken broth (which is also the base of all our soups) is food that is kind to your gut lining, packed with good fat from the chickens we raise.  Its job in the cleansing program is to seal the leaky gut.  It works even better when you include the raw yolk of our Bambu chicken eggs.